Ada dua bentuk questions (pertanyaan) yaitu:

A. Yes/No questions

B. Information questions (Wh-questions dan How)


A. Yes/no questions

Adalah pertanyaan yang menuntut jawaban yes atau no. Jenis pertanyaan ini diawali dengan auxiliary (is, am, are, was, were, do, does, did, have, has, had, can, may, must, should shall, will, could, atau would).


1. Do you love me?

Yes, I do/No, I don’t

2. Are you sleepy?

Yes, I am?No, I am not.

3. Can they climb the wall?

Yes, they can?No, yhey can’t.

4. Will you help me?

Yes, I will/No, I will not.


B. Information Question (Wh-question dan How)

Adalah pertanyaan yang menanyakan informasi dengan menggunakan Question Words (kata tanya). Sering disebut dengan Wh-question karena semua kata tanya diawali dengan Wh-, kecuali How. Yang termasuk Question Words (QW) adalah: What, Who, Whom, Whose, Why, Where, When, Which dan How.

Pola umum:

QW + aux + S + verb + Object/Complement ?

1. What (apa)

Menanyakan nama benda, nama orang atau jenis profesi.


~ What is that? That is an apple.

~ What are you? I am a soldier.

~ What is your name? My name is Ivanka.


2. Who (siapa)

Menanyakan orang sebagai pelaku/subject.

Memiliki rumus khusus:

Who + verb + O ? atau Who + to be + S ?


~ Who are you? I am Joko Pinurbo.

~ Who writes the letter? Martin does.

~ Who is very beautiful? Agnes Monica is very beautiful.


3. Whom (siapa)

Menanyakan orang sebagai object.


Whom do you meet? I meet Inul Daratista.

Whom is she looking for? She is looking for Brian Safina.


4. Whose (milik siapa)

Menanyakan pemilik suatu benda.


~ Whose bag is this? This is my bag.

~ Whose sister is the girl? She is my sister.


5. Why (mengapa)

Menanyakan alasan atau penyebab terjadinya sesuatu.


~ Why do you come late? Because I missed the bus this morning.

~ Why is Mrs. Julia very healthy? Because she does sport every morning.

~ Why do you love me? Because you are very rich.

6. Where (di mana)

Menanyakan tempat.


~ Where does Alicia study? She studies in SMPN 03 Wonogiri.

~ Where do you go every day? I go to school every day.

~ Where is the library? The library is beside the hall.


7. When (kapan)

Menanyakan waktu.


~ When does Alfian get up? He gets up at five o’clock every morning.

~ When did you go to Eromoko? I go to Eromoko last week.

~ When do you go to school? I go to school at 06.30.

8. Which (yang mana)

Menanyakann pilihan.


~ Which is your car? My car is the red one.

~ Which is his sister? His sister is the girl in blue jacket.

9. How (bagaimana)

Menanyakan kondisi atau keadaan.


~ How are you? I’m fine. Thanks.

~ How is Reyna’s school? Her school is large and clean.


10. How many (berapa banyak)

Menanyakan jumlah (jika yang ditanyakan berupa countable nouns/kata benda yang bisa dihitung).


~ How many students are there in the class? There are forty students.

~ How many brother do you have? I have three brothers.

11. How much (berapa banyak)

Menanyakan jumlah (jika yang ditanyakan berupa uncountable nouns/kata benda yang tak bisa dihitung).


How much money does it cost? It costs one thousand rupiah.

How much sugar do you want? A spoon of sugar, please.

12. How often (berapa sering)

Menanyakan seberapa sering orang melakukan sesuatu.


~ How often does Anita go to Malaysia? She goes to Malaysia twice a week.

~ How often do you speak to your father? I speak to him every day.


Bisa juga menggunakan How many times.

How many times do you eat? I eat three times a day.

13. How far (berapa jauh)

Menanyakan jarak suatu tempat dengan tempat lainnya.


~ How far is this school from your house? It’s about 5 kilometers.

14. How old (berapa umur/usia)

Menanyakan usia seseorang.


~ How old are you? I am 20 years old.

~ How old is Mrs. Riana? She is 37 years old.


15. How long (berapa lama)

Menanyakan lama waktu.


~ How long have you lived in Jogja? I have lived in Jogja for Five years.

16. How deep (berapa dalam)

~ How deep is the river? It’s about five meters.

~ How deep can he dive? He can dive 20 meters deep.

17. How tall (berapa tinggi)

Menanyakan tinggi orang.


~ How tall are you? I am 165 cm tall.

~ How tall is Mr. Jack? He is 189 cm tall.

18. How high (berapa tinggi)

Menanyakan tinggi suatu benda.


~ How high is the mountain? It’s about 3686 meters high.

~ How high is the tree? It’s about 4 meters high.


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