Agnes Monica

Multitalented Actress

Agnes Monica

This multitalented actress began her carrier when she was six years old as a child singer.  In her very early age, Agnes launched her albums which made her very popular among children. The albums are ‘Meong’, ‘Yess’ and ‘Bala-bala’. Soon she, was born in Jakarta on July 1st, 1986, became a popular singer in 1990.

Beside as a singer, Agnes was well-known as a successful presenter. She presented a program for children in RCTI, ‘Tralala-Trilili’. Her good performance in ‘Tralala-Trilili’ was awarded when she got The Most Favorite Children Presenter from Panasonic Award in 1999.

When she was a teenager, Agnes began to spread her carrier to act. After her debut in ‘Lupus Millenia’ (1999) and ‘Mr. Hologram’, Agnes proved her act when she starred a TV drama ‘Pernikahan Dini’ with Syahrul Gunawan in 2001. She  also sang the theme song for ‘Pernikahan Dini’. This TV drama was so successful that it got four awards from Panasonic Award 2001 and 2002. Of course, it made Agnes become more popular. Beside ‘Pernikahan Dini’, Agnes also starred some other TV drama such as ‘Amanda’, ‘Cewekku Jutek’, ‘Cantik’, ‘Ciuman Pertama’, ‘Bunga Perawan’ and ‘Kawin Muda’. ‘Cewekku Jutek’ (2003) gave her an award as The Most Favorite Actress from Panasonic Award. In ‘Bunga Perawan’ and ‘Cantik’ (2004) she was awarded as ‘Aktris Ngetop’ in SCTV Award in 2004.

Her carrier was still bright when she grew adult. Her first album when she was adult got a very amazing acceptance. In AMI 2004, Agnes reached The best of Female Solo Pop Actress. In the same year, Agnes acquired The Best of New Comer in Anugerah Planet Music 2005 and Most Favorite Female in MTV Indonesia Award 2004. Her first album reached Double Platinum with more than 300.000 copied sold.

The second album was labeled ‘Whaddup A’. From this, Agnes showed how talented she was. She made a collaboration with some national musician such as Dewiq, Melly Goeslow, Andi Rianto and others and also made duet with American singer Keith Martin. Martin create two songs and made duet in ‘I’ll Light A Candle’. It bounced her with the songs as ‘Bukan Milikmu Lagi’, ‘Tanpa Kekasihku’, ‘Tak Ada Logika’ and ‘Cinta di Ujung Jalan’. Being so busy, she left her study for a while in Law Faculty and focused in music. In return, she reached some prestigious award such as Most Favorite Female in MTV Award 2006, Best Female Solo Pop Actress and Best Rhythm and Blues Singer in AMI Award 2006. Five awards she collected made her chosen as Most Popular Actress 2006.

Winning so many awards didn’t make her satisfied and stopped to show her talent. She has shown and will always show her great talent.


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  1. anyes

    she’s really my favorite singer…. ^^

  2. Makasii banget yy buat yang punya WEB ini…..
    BAnyak ytugas English saya rampung karena bantuan isi web inii…
    Makasiii banyalkkk…………….

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