Soal Latihan ‘Degree of Comparison’3

Lengkapilah bentuk perbandingan berikut ini dengan bentuk ‘EQUATIVE’ yang tepat!

1. Arman is 157 cm tall. Maulana is 157 cm tall. So, Arman has the same _________ as Maulana.

2. My car is red. My brother’s car is red. Our cars have the same __________.

3. This pencil is long. That pencil is short. That pencil isn’t as ________ as this pencil.

4. My father has the same __________as my mother. They were born on the same date, month and year.

5. A buffalo can’t run as _________ as a horse.

6. We have the same ____________. Both of us like swimming.

7. I can do the Biology test easily. I think Biology is not as _________ as Mathematic.

8. Luna and Maya has the same _________. Both are 55 kg.

9. An orangutan isn’t as __________ as an elephant. An elephant can lift a wood with its trunk easily.

10. Brian always wears an ‘M’ T-shirt. Vina does too. They have the same ___________ for T-shirt.

Silakan cek jawaban anda di sini.

Untuk melihat soal yang lain, lihat di sini.

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6 responses to “Soal Latihan ‘Degree of Comparison’3

  1. Antonius Ismawan Sadmoko / KPA 2 No. 19

    1. High.
    2. Colour.
    3. Long.
    4. Datebirth.
    5. Fast.
    6. Hobby.
    7. Difficult.
    8. Weight.
    9. Strong.
    10. Size.

  2. oscar17

    Good jod, Mr. Anton…
    Your score is 8. You did wrong on number 1 and 4.
    High is an adjective. It should be replaced by a ‘noun’ form.
    There is a better word for number 4.

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  4. reini

    i think the appropriate answer for number one is tall, Mr. Paul.. 😉

  5. oscar17

    No, it’s not Ms Reini. 🙂 The Word “the same” should be followed by ‘noun’. As we know, tall is an adjective, not a noun.

  6. coba soalnya dibikin pilihan ganda dong

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