Soal Latihan: ‘Simple Present Tense’ 3

Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct form of simple present tense!

1. We _________ our nation anniversary every August. (celebrate)

2. They _________ three times a day. (eat)

3. The students __________ football every Sunday. (play)

4. Matini __________ at ten o’clock. (sleep)

5. She ________ at five o’clock. (get up)

6. He ________ his clothes twice a week. (wash)

7. Rinaldi ________ to his uncle’s home every week. (go)

8. The boys _________ TV every night. (watch)

9. He _________ twice a day. (take a bath)

10. I _________ a letter to Anna every month. (write)


Silakan cek jawaban anda di sini.

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