My Name is Shasha

by: Shasha Rahma Sari

Shasha, an SMPN 3 talented student


Hello, I am Shasha Rahma Sari. I go to SMPN 3 WONOGIRI, I sat in IX D class. I decided to go to SMPN 3 WONOGIRI because they see the atmosphere of this school that supports me in my academic achievement.

I’m from Sidoharjo, Wonogiri, the distance was a bit far from my school, but it is not something that should be considered because of the sophistication of current technology. I was born in Wonogiri on 10 June 1996

During the school here, I became very fond of English. As a result I won a few races associated with it. Some races I have won are:
1. The 1st Winnerof a “Higher Learning Digital English Competition 2009”
2. The 3rd Champion “Primagama Home Speech Contest 2009″
3. The 1st Champion of Story Telling Competition in” 36th Anniversary of SMAN 2 WONOGIRI “in 2010
4. The 2nd Winner of Speech Contest in “37th Anniversary of SMAN 2WONOGIRI” in 2011

All that I got not only because of the struggle, sacrifice, patience of my coach, and also the support of all parties, but also the facilities provided at SMPN 3 WONOGIRI. I really enjoy the activities at SMPN 3 WONOGIRI, because everyone who was there very easy to get along.

In essence I am very happy to go to school here, although soon I will leave this school and move to a higher level again.

I hope I will not forget SMPN 3 WONOGIRI, and I also hope someday I can build this school into the best school .


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2 responses to “My Name is Shasha

  1. Shasha Rahma Sari

    OMG,,,its me shasha,,the girl in the picture and the author of the post…hehehe

  2. oscar17

    yes, it’s you, shasha…thanks for writing and visiting this blog…

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