Soal Latihan ‘Degree of Comparison’ 4

Complete the sentences with comparative form!

1. I think this T-shirt is too small. Can you give me the __________ one?

2. Sofi is my _______ sister. She was born two years after me.

3. Jakarta is a modern city. But New York is ________ than Jakarta.

4. The test was very difficult yesterday. I think it’s __________ today. I can do it easily.

5. European people are usually ________ than Asian people.

6. The car’s price is usually ________ than the motorbike’s.

7. My house is near my school. I go to school on foot. Albert’s house is _______ than my house from school. He goes to school by public car.

8. I’ve been learning to dance for five months. Sisca can dance _________ than me because she’s been learning for five years.

9. I want to buy that red jacket but it’s too expensive. I hope I can find a ________ jacket to buy.

10. The scenery here is beautiful. But I think it will be ___________ if there is no garbage anywhere.

Silakan cek jawaban anda di sini.

Untuk melihat soal yang lain, lihat di sini.


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