Supermoon is beautiful, isn’t it?

1. Silhouette of birds flying on Alda’s sky, Nebraska, USA, Friday (18/3).

2. A cross fixed at the St. Isaak’s Cathedral is silhouetted on the rising moon in St.Petersburg, Russia, Friday, March 18, 2011.

3. Half moon on St. Isaak church,  St.Petersburg, Rusia, Friday (18/3)

4. Supermoon on Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, USA, Saturday (19/3)

5. Supermoon on University of Florida, USA, Friday (19/3)

6. An aeroplane flies on the sky of Somerset, England, Saturday (19/3).

7. Supermoon as seen on the Manchester’s Trafford Shopping Center, England, Saturday (19/3)

8. Some people stand near the tower of St Michael’s on Glastonbury Tor hill in England, Saturday (19/3)

9.Sandhill cranes fly in front a 95% full moon, near Alda, Neb., Friday, March 18, 2011.


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