The Mouse Deer and Cucumber

Mr. Mouse deer is a very cunning animal. He liked to play tricks on other animal or the farmers. He did this to get some food or to escape from danger.

One day, he saw that Mr.Karta’s farm was full of cucumbers. He really wanted to eat these cucumbers. After observing the situation, he began to eat the cucumbers. Unfortunately, the farmer could catch him.

“Ha ha ha finally I can catch you, naughty animal!” Mr.Karta laughed happily. “Tomorrow, my wife will cook you.” Mr.Karta went home and put Mr.Mouse deer in the cage.

Soon, all animals in the forest knew that the mouse deer was caught. So, they wanted to see for themselves. Elephants, tigers, foxes, lions, and many other animals went to see Mr.Mouse deer.

Mr. Mouse deer saw them and he began to play a trick on them. “La la la laaaa,” he sung happily. When they saw this, they were completely confused.

“Why do you sing happily like that? You will be killed, won’t you?” the animals asked. Then Mr. Mouse deer answered, “I’m so happy because my life will be more  exciting than ever!”

“How come?” asked the tiger curiously.

“You know what, the farmer will not kill me. Even he will make me his best pet,” Mr.Mouse deer said happily. “Tomorrow, he and his wife will make a party for me, they will give me a lot of delicious food so that I don’t have to look for the food by myself anymore. It’s great, isn’t it?”

The tiger was very interested. He wanted to be as lucky as Mr. Mouse deer. Then Mr. Mouse deer offered his place to the tiger. The Tiger agreed. A soon as the tiger got into the cage, Mr. Mouse deer closed the cage and ran away to the woods.

The next morning Mr.Karta was ready to kill Mr.Mouse deer. He prepared the knife and with his wife, they went to their backyard. But how surprised they were to see the tiger, so they fainted.


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