Timun Mas

Long time ago, there lived an old widower named Mbok Sirni. She lived alone in a village near a forest. This made her sad. She wanted to have a child that could accompany and help her.  She really dreamt to have a child. She prayed to God everyday. She begged Him to send her a child.

One day, a giant passed the place where the widower lived. The giant heard the prayer. Then he told Mbok Sirni that he could fullfil her prayer. The giant could give her a child with one condition. Mbok Sirni had to give the child back to the giant when the child was six years old. Mbok Sirni agreed. Then the giant gave her cucumber seeds to plant.

Mbok Sirni got the seeds and planted them.  After two months, the seeds grew become fertile cucumbers. One of the fruit grew bigger among the others. Seeing this, she picked it and cut it into two carefully. Soon she found a beautiful baby girl in it. She was very grateful. The baby was named Timun Mas.

Timun Mas grew bigger and became more beautiful day by day. Mbok Sirni loved her daughter so much. She forgot what she promised to the giant few years ago.

One day, the giant came and asked her to give her daughter back to him. Mbok Sirni was very sad. She was so scared to loose Timun Mas. So she tried to overextend the time. She told the giant to come back next two years. She promised that Timun Mas would grow bigger so that she would taste more delicious. The giant agreed and went away.

In her sorrow, Mbok Sirni dreamt one night. She was told to go toMountGunduland met an ascetic there. In the morning, she went to theMountGundulimmediately. There, she met an ascetic that gave her four small packages. Each contained cucumber seeds, needles, salt and shrimp paste.

Two years after that, the giant came again and forced Mbok Sirni to let the giant bring Timun Mas away.  Didn’t want to loose her beloved daughter, she asked Timun Mas to run away bringing the packages of cucumber seeds, needles, sal and shrimp paste. Seeing this, the giant’s anger raised. He left Mbok Sirni to chase Timun Mas.

The giant didn’t need too long time to chase her. Soon, he almost could catch Timun Mas. Being very frightened of knowing this, Timun Mas threw the cucumber seeds behind her. The seeds grew into thick cucumber plants with plenty fruits immediately. The giant stopped to eat the cucumbers. So, Timun Mas could leave the giant far behind her.

But the giant became stronger after eating the cucumbers. He could run faster and overtook Timun Mas easily. Timun Mas threw the second package. The needles soon turned into thick bamboo forest. Trying hard, bleeding on his feet because of the sharp bamboo, the giant could pass the bamboo forest and tried to catch Timun Mas again.

Again, Timun Mas threw the third package, the salt, that became a wide lake. This only made the giant stepped slower. But he could cross the sea easily and ran right behind Timun Mas.

Almost caught by the giant, Timun Mas cried and threw her last ‘weapon’. The shrimp paste became a boiled lake of mud. This time, the giant failed to pass it. He drowned into the hot mud lake and died. Timun Mas was very thankful to God who saved her life. She ran back to Mbok Sirni’s house. Mbok Sirni greeted and held her tightly. Then they lived happily ever after.


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