Toba Lake

Long time ago, a poor fisherman lived near a river inNorth Sumatra. He was a diligent fisherman. He went fishing early morning and went home late afternoon. He did this to fulfill his needs.

One day, he caught a big golden fish. He liked the fish, so he decided not to kill the fish. Even he put it in a tank in his home.

Few days after that, something changed in his home. Each day he went home, he found his home very tidy. Even there was delicious meal on the table. This made him curious. He wanted to know what actually happened.

One day, he left his home messy. He pretended to go out for fishing but he hid. Then he piped through the window. He was very surprised to see a beautiful lady in his home. He felt in love to the lady. So he proposed her to marry him. The beautiful lady agreed with one condition. He should promise not to tell everyone that she was just a fish. If he broke, there would be a disaster. The fisherman promised.

A year later, his wife gave birth a beautiful baby girl named Samosir. She grew into a beautiful girl, but, how pity, was very greedy.

One day Samosir was asked to send her father lunch. But she ate her father’s lunch. This made her father angry. “How could? You! A daughter of a fish!” shouted her father in his anger.

He broke his promise. But, it was too late. His wife knew that. So she asked Samosir to ran away to a hill. She turned into a fish. By the time, there was heavy rain. The river flooded and finally drown the village. It became a lake. People named itTobaLake. And the island in the middle of the lake was namedSamosirIsland.


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  1. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this article and also the rest
    of the website is also really good.

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