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a.      Tujuan

Untuk menggambarkan sesuatu, seseorang atau suatu tempat secara UMUM.

b.     Struktur Pokok  

1. Identification : Memperkenalkan benda, orang atau tempat yang akan diceritakan.
2. Description : Menjelaskan ciri-ciri fisik, sifat-sifat  atau bagian-bagian secara umum.

c.      Ciri-ciri Lexicogrammatical

1.         Banyak menggunakan bentuk “simple present tense

2.         Banyak menggunakan relational process ( verb/kata kerja penghubung)

Contoh : is, am, are, have, seem, look

3.         Banyak menggunakan material process (verb/kata kerja yang menunjukkan aktivitas gerak yang bisa dilihat)

Contoh : walk, run, play, go, cook, make, dll.

4.         Banyak menggunakan mental process (verb/kata kerja yang menunjukkan aktivitas pikiran atau perasaan)

Contoh : think, feel, like, love, want, dll.

Contoh teks:


                Snakes are reptiles. They belong to the same group as lizards but form a sub group of their own.

Snakes are not slimy. They are covered in scales which are just bumps on the skin. Their skin is hard and glossy to reduce friction as the snake slithers along the ground.

Snakes often sun bake on the rocks in the warm weather. This is because snakes are cold blooded and they need the sun’s warmth to heat their body up.

Most snakes live in the country. some type of snakes live in trees , some live in water , but most live on the ground deserted rabbit burrows , in thick , long grass and in old logs .

A snake’s diet usually consists of frogs, lizards and mice and other snakes. The Anaconda can eat small crocodiles and even wild boars.

Jenis Teks yang lain:

  1. Descriptive
  2. Procedure
  3. Recount
  4. Narrative

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