Joko Tarup and Seven Angels

Once upon a time, there was young man named Joko Tarup. He lived in a small village near a forest. There lied a lake in the forest where Joko often spent his time hunting.

One day, when he was in the wood he saw a beautiful rainbow. He was so interested that he tried to find the end of the rainbow. He could do it and was surprised to see seven angels were swimming and taking a bath in a lake. Joko Tarup

hid behind trees looking at them. When they had finished taking a bath, they flew along the rainbow to heaven. The next few days he saw the same thing again. This time Joko Tarup had an idea. He looked for their dresses and he took one of them.  As they had finished swimming and taking a bath, they got dressed. One of them could not find her dress. Her friends had to come back soon to heaven so they left her. She was crying while staying in the water. Then Joko Tarup approached her. He asked her about her problem and offered help. Nawang Wulan, the angel, agreed. Joko Tarup went home to take his mother’s dress and gave it to her. Then she went home to Joko Tarup’s home and lived with him. Not long after that they got married. Several months later Nawang Wulan gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her name was Nawang Sih. The birth of Nawang Sih made the couple become happier.

As an angel, Nawang Wulan had a spiritual power. She could cook rice with just a bar of rice and when it had done, the bowl will be full of rice. But there was one condition. The bowl must not be opened before it had done. Joko Tarup was very surprised and very curious about it. So, when Nawang Wulan was away, he opened the bowl. As the result, Nawang’s spiritual power disappeared.  She had to cook as ordinary human being.

Since Nawang Wulan could not cook efficiently anymore, she needed more rice than usual. The stock of rice in their granary diminished rapidly. One day when she took rice there she was very surprised. Nawang Wulan found her angel dress. It was hidden there under piles of rice.  She immediately wore it and talked to Joko Tarup that she had known what he had done to her. She was sorry that she had to be back to the heaven, her true place. She loved Nawang Sih, their daughter, so she asked him to build a tower. When Nawang Sih cried and called her name, he should put her there. She would come immediately and took care of her.  But Joko Tarup would never be able to see her again.

Then Joko Tarup built a tower behind his house.  Every time Nawang Sih cried he would put her there.  Nawang Wulan would come and took care of Nawang Sih.


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